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** Pierce Photography recently took pictures of our 6 mo old son. They turned out great. The photographer spent lots of time making sure to capture the best shot. We will definately refer and use this business again. ~Tom and Erica (and young Thomas)

** Fantastic place. They did a super job with our photo's. We will be going back again for sure. You cannot beat their prices and they pay great attention to the detail of their work. I give this place 5 out of 5 stars. ~unknown

The Pictures were AMAZING. -Stephanie

These Photographers were incredible and we consider it a blessing to have them around to take beautiful pictures of our family. Very well recommended to everyone.

The money spent was worth every dollar spent, because the work they do to create a master piece of our child was amazing. We will continue to come back over and over---- Casey and Erick

If I gave you 10 out of 10 it still would not be enough. Your guys work is amazing and its even better how well you work with our children. Thank you so much!---Katherine and Joe

Unbelieveable work. This team does more than snap a photo, they become part of the clients life. -Brad and Erica

Pierce Photography is well recommended in our opinion to anyone who wants a great experience. They care about their customers each and everytime. We continue to go back to Pierce Photography because they're the best when it comes to custom photography.--Todd and Jackie

Absolutely the most amazing photographers to work with. They take their time making sure you get incredible photos. They are so relaxed and create a wonderful environment for your family. I will be returning multiple times and would recommend to anybody wanting professional photos. ~John and Emily

Unbelieveable work this couple do! We will continue to to use there excellent service in the future. -Jackie and Chris